Become an entrepreneur without stress by investing in a turnkey business, but without the restrictions of a franchise.

Start your own business, even from the comfort of your own home, with minimal investments and efforts. You receive all the necessary information and equipment to cultivate and sell microplants, but without the restrictions and royalties specific to a franchise.

+200 successful locations

Discover the pleasure of growing micro-plants and its benefits!


HY-FARM Microgreens Package

The HY-FARM MICROGREENS franchise package represents an innovative and sustainable business opportunity, designed for entrepreneurs who want to enter the growing microgreens market.

The automated hydroponic system is an important element of the franchise package, playing a key role in supporting and growing microgreens in the most correct way, so that the final product you will have is of the highest quality. At the same time, it makes the growth process of microgreens more efficient and reduces the physical labor and time you devote to this activity, thus offering you free time to dedicate to other activities or even relaxation. The equipment is made from premium materials, ordered from top suppliers around the world, so that the use of the system and the production process are accessible to anyone.

The equipment includes accessories and materials that help in the growth of microgreens (sprayer, sieve, germination rack, water supply tank, programmable sockets, water pump, fertilizer, growth trays, hoses, distribution system, LEDs, fans, thermo-hygrometer, hydration buckets), as well as raw materials and other useful materials for delivering the final product (5 types of seeds, 1000 substrate units, Hy-Farm delivery boxes, 1000 containers)

The training sessions are perhaps the most valuable component of the franchise package offered. These sessions encompass all the steps and all the information you need to know as a Hy-Farm partner, to ensure that you start off on the right foot in developing this business. The training sessions represent in a word all the ‘Know-How’ that Hy-Farm Microgreens possesses as a result of accumulated experience, ongoing research over time, constant improvements, and last but not least, thanks to the more than 200 international partners who have also contributed through their feedback to the evolution of everything offered in the Hy-Farm concept at the present time.

Our partner training’s consists of learning all the stages fundamental to the progress of the business, from the production of microgreens to the sales process and creating your own marketing. For these learning sessions, you have the opportunity to have unlimited access to a learning platform, where any partner can continuously prepare to be a professional microgreens producer.

Because the process of becoming a true microgreens producer requires ‘polishing’, the franchise package includes a period of consultancy aimed at perfecting each of the training stages. During the three months of consultancy, you have the opportunity to constantly communicate with the Hy-Farm team for real and concise feedback, which can lead to faster and more correct business development and at the same time succeed in recovering your investment as quickly as possible. To ensure the best progress, partners are consistently asked for images of their production, feedback following the sales process, and they are also given various tips and strategies that match the direction the business is heading.

For the elements of the production system as well as for the accessories that make up the physical package, a warranty is offered for a period of 12 months, during which any defect that occurs in the products you receive will be replaced by Hy-Farm Microgreens. This warranty constitutes the legal term in accordance with the law. However, from the experiences with over 200 partners, the components of the physical franchise package have not shown defects or other problems either before or after the legal warranty period, which confirms the quality of the materials used. Nevertheless, in the event that you encounter such a problem, you are assured of the replacement of the defective element.

Extra services represent one of the advantages that HY-FARM has over other competitors. We are continuously developing and constantly working to help our partners have a successful business. That’s why you can access any of the extra services we offer so that you can practice this business in the best and most correct way possible.

* 0% royalties at franchise purchase

I recommend the idea offered by Hy-Farm for time and independence, for constant support, for shared experience. I have a new activity, I don’t have extensive experience, but I can say that it is the kind of activity that makes you happy because you see how the plants grow, you relate to a pleasant environment, and you have time to take care of yourself.

Alexandra Munteanu

We are very happy about the partnership with Hy-Farm, which always offers the highest quality products. With their support, we trust the quality of the products we offer and develop our business day by day. We recommend them!

Roua Microgreens

I recommend Hy-Farm for professionalism and quality! I am a Hy-Farm partner for almost a year now and I am very pleased.

Anwar Stefan

Cultivating micro-plants is closer to a hobby than a business, due to the simplicity of the entire process of planting, growing and harvesting, but it can bring you a substantial income

Part-time entrepreneurship exists and its benefits can be your reason to start a business.

All great businesses started small. Take the path of entrepreneurship with safe micro-steps and invest in a turnkey business that allows you to increase your income without facing the doubts and difficulties of establishing a business from scratch.

Don’t let a lack of time or financial resources discourage you. Start your own business with a proven business plan in over 200 locations!


Frequently asked questions:

Microplants are young, edible plants obtained through the rapid growth and early harvesting of seeds from vegetables, herbs, and other edible plants. They are characterized by their delicate leaves and stems, appearing as green and colorful microplants.

Microplants are grown in a controlled environment, such as in pots or trays, using soil or special substrates, and are exposed to light to stimulate the growth of green leaves. The growth period of microplants is short, typically between 7 and 21 days, depending on the type of plant.

Microplants are primarily used in the culinary industry to add an extra touch of color, texture, and taste to dishes. They are used as decorative and aromatic ingredients in a variety of foods, including salads, sandwiches, soups, sauces, and garnishes. Here are some common uses of microgreens:

Decorating and garnishing food

• Adding intense flavors

• Nutritional supplement

• Salads

• Sandwiches and wraps

• Sauces and dressings.

Growing microgreens is a simple and fun process that can be done indoors, at any time of the year. Here are the basic steps to grow microgreens:

• Choose the right seeds;
• Choose a suitable container;
• Fill the container with substrate;
• Sow the seeds;
• Moisten the substrate;
• Create a conducive environment for germination;
• Maintain the right temperature and light;
• Remove the cover;

Choosing the ideal production space allows a lot of flexibility. It’s enough to meet the optimal parameters necessary for the production of microgreens to benefit from the highest quality.

• A room of 8-10m2, a clean environment, a constant temperature between 20 – 22 degrees Celsius and relative humidity between 30 – 45%, is ideal for their growth.

• A source of electrical energy for powering LED lighting, ventilation, and irrigation of the Hy-Farm Microgreens system supplied. (daily consumption at maximum capacity, of 12 kWh)

• Nearby water source (network) (monthly consumption of less than 1m3).

Microplants and mature plants are different stages of a plant’s development. Here are some important aspects:

• Size: Microplants are plants in the early stages of development when they are still small in size.

• Structure: Microplants often consist of one or two embryonic leaves and a small stem, without complex branches.

• Functions and capabilities: Microplants are generally fragile and may require special conditions to survive and grow, such as growth mediums or mechanical support.

• Maintenance requirements: Microplants often have specific lighting, temperature, and humidity requirements that need to be carefully controlled to ensure their proper growth and development.

• Use: Microplants can be used in research, in the production of seedlings, or in the food industry as ingredients for salads or culinary dishes.

The lifespan of microgreens can vary depending on the specific species and growing conditions. Generally, microgreens are harvested and consumed before they reach full maturity. Thus, they are not meant to live and develop long-term as mature plants. However, they can last up to 7 days without issues, if storage conditions are respected.


There is a very varied range, to satisfy any taste. There are over 30 varieties of microgreens. Among the best-known microgreens are: peas, beans, broccoli, radish, arugula, basil, thyme, saffron, coriander, red amaranth, etc.

The franchise package includes all the necessary equipment and accessories (trays and buckets for hydrating seeds and substrate, seed scale, sprayer, syringes for dosing fertilization and disinfection solution, initial growth and germination rack, sieve, programmable sockets, thermometer/hygrometer) for growing and developing Microgreens.

  • Training sessions
  • Consultancy from the start of the activity.
  • Raw material for 1000 crates (crates, 100% natural jute fiber substrate, 5 assortments of seeds, fertilizer, delivery packaging).
  • Warranty for the above.

For more information, go to the website, where you can find many more structured details, and to get in touch with our colleagues, go to the contact form inside the website or you can write to us on the pages of Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. We look forward to collaborating!

It is very important that in addition to the package received when purchasing the Hy-Farm franchise, you also have the following:

• Room of minimum 8 – 10m2
• Air conditioning to maintain the temperature at 20-22*C
• Room dehumidifier (24L / day)
• Involvement, dedication, passion

One of the reasons for the success that we guarantee is directly related to the future supply of superior quality materials that we will undoubtedly supply to our customers.

Microgreens are mainly used by professional cooks, chefs, and top restaurants to add a touch of freshness, color, and intense flavors to culinary preparations. They are also used by home cooking enthusiasts who want to bring a variety of flavors and nutrients to the plate.

In addition, microgreens are appreciated by consumers concerned about healthy eating and trends in the food industry. They are used in salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies, and other dishes to improve their taste and aesthetic appearance.

We offer a market, however, indirectly. We will always be the people behind the manufacturer, to tell him step by step what needs to be done. Our sales and marketing strategy has helped over 100 other manufacturers build their customer portfolio in a maximum of 1 month and a half. If our partner trusts us and follows exactly the steps explained by us, success is guaranteed. We tell who they should talk to, what they should talk about, which microplants they should go with, when to follow up, we rethink strategies applied directly to the client’s needs, etc. Practically we will team up in this direction, but the most important thing is for the local producer to be seen and at the same time to make stars, the products, in his area. The product has the experience to sell itself.

We will never produce if there is no demand. We will always produce strictly to order so that the products are delivered as soon as they are ready for consumption. In this way, we offer premium microplants on the market and we avoid losses.

It can work with any legal form: LLC, PFA, II, PRODUCER CERTIFICATE.
The SRL, on the other hand, represents the most suitable form for the activity you carry out, because:

• it is simple and cheap to set up
• allows you to apply for several CAEN codes
• microplants bring a large profit, and up to the annual turnover of 300,000 RON, only 1% of the income is taxed.
• from the accumulated experience, between 70-90% of the clients you will work with will be SRLs.

You only need to open an LLC if you don’t already have one or any other legal form. Two CAEN codes are activated and that’s it! You will receive from us a certificate and a declaration of conformity attesting that you will produce a food according to European Norms.

The Hy-Farm Microgreens concept is designed to give you the opportunity not to depend on employees. You only need an accountant to help you with the monthly statements, and this involves a cost between 250-400 RON / month. Only you can do the activity. In the case of a single system at maximum capacity, the necessary allocated time is a maximum of 20 hours/week (between 3-5 hours/day). With a schedule of 40 h/week, you can work with up to 3 pieces of equipment simultaneously. The Hy-Farm Microgreens team is at your disposal with everything you need to succeed.

The probability that the business will not work is almost zero. As long as there will be interest on your part and you will closely follow our advice and the steps that we reveal, success is guaranteed, as an example are more than 200 other successful franchises. There will be interest on both sides, so you will not be alone on this journey. The policy would not allow us to return the equipment precisely because it is our job to help you not only get your business going with one piece of equipment, but to quickly expand it and buy a second piece of equipment. If your business works, then so does ours because you will be consuming raw material.

In order to qualify for a discussion with one of our representatives, please answer the following questions:

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