Become an entrepreneur with the Hy-Farm franchising, your turn-key business with only 9.200€ for the production of Microgreens.

If you’d like a secure business, with little investments, with all the secrets to grow, you’re in the right place

What are Microgreens?

What do you need for starting a production of microgreens?

To start this business you need to have this:

A room (or something like this) that has to be at least 8-10m2;

A/C to maintain the temperature at 20-22*C;

Dehumidifier for the room (24/L);

The system and accessories needed for growing the Microgreens (included for free at the purchase of the franchise);

The raw material (included for free at the purchase of the franchise);

It can produce up to 18.000€/month
What does the Hy-Farm Franchise have?
Talk to a consultant and find out more details about the franchise system

After you’ve completed the form that you’ll find here below one of our representatives will come back to you with all the details about a successful collaboration.

The price for the franchise: 9.200€

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