Hy-Farm Microgreens: Over 200 Franchises Across Europe

In a world increasingly focused on healthy eating and sustainability, Hy-Farm Microgreens celebrates a significant milestone: surpassing 200 franchises across Europe. This milestone not only marks the exponential growth of our brand but also reflects the trust and dedication of our partners, with whom we are building a greener and healthier future.

From dream to reality

What started as a small project out of a pure passion for urban agriculture quickly transformed into a vast movement for clean and accessible eating. At Hy-Farm Microgreens, every step forward is guided by a passion for quality and innovation. We are proud to say that today, our European network extends from the sunny soils of Spain to the green heart of Ireland.

A growing partnership

Each Hy-Farm Microgreens franchise is more than just a point of sale; it’s a community hub, where a passion for health and sustainability meets a commitment to excellence. We thank every franchise partner for bringing the Hy-Farm vision to their communities and for contributing to a better world.

Engagement and responsibility

We take pride in every opened franchise, but our success is not measured merely in numbers. The positive impact on the environment, the use of sustainable resources, and the improvement of our customers’ lifestyles are just as important to us. We are committed to continuing on this path, exploring new technologies and methods that support our mission to make healthy eating accessible to everyone.

Looking to the future

With 200 franchises and counting, we are more excited than ever to see what the future holds. We have ambitious plans for expansion and innovation to ensure that Hy-Farm Microgreens continues to be a leader in the healthy eating revolution. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, our partners and customers, who make this dream possible.

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