Frequently asked questions about the partnership

However, we offer an outlet indirectly. We will always be the people behind the manufacturer, to tell him step by step what needs to be done. Our sales and marketing strategy has helped over 150 manufacturers to make their customer portfolio within 1 and a half months. If our collaborator trusts us and follows exactly the steps explained by us, success is guaranteed. We say who they need to talk to, what to talk to, what microgreens they need to go with, when to follow up, we rethink strategies applied directly to the customer’s needs, etc. Basically, we will team up in this direction, but the most important thing is for the local manufacturer to make itself seen and at the same time to transform products into stars in its area. The product has the necessary experience to sell itself.

The choice of the ideal space for production is a detail that allows a lot of flexibility. It is enough to achieve the optimal parameters necessary for the production of microgreens in order to benefit from the highest quality.

A room of 8-10 square meters, a clean environment, a constant temperature between 20-22 degrees Celsius and relative humidity, between 30-45%, signifies the ideal for their growth.

Power source for powering led lighting, ventilation and irrigation of the supplied Hy-Farm Microgreens system . (daily consumption at full capacity of 12 kwh)

Nearby water source (mains) (monthly consumption of less than 1m3).

The Hy-Farm Microgreens concept  is designed to give you the opportunity not to depend on your employees. You only need an accountant to help you with the monthly statements, and this involves a cost between 250-400 ron / month. You can do the activity yourself. In the case of a single system at full capacity, the required time allocated is maximum 20 hours/week (between 3-5 h/day). With a schedule of 40 h/week, you can work with up to 3 pieces of equipment simultaneously. The Hy-Farm Microgreens team  is at your disposal with everything you need to succeed.

The delivery of microgreens will be made by personal car, and we do NOT recommend the use of a refrigeration machine. They will be delivered in cardboard crates, which can be stacked. We recommend providing microgreens on Mondays and Thursdays, as soon as they are ready for consumption, in order to avoid possible storage costs and loss of freshness of the products.

One of the reasons for the success that we guarantee is directly related to the future supply of high-quality materials that we will definitely supply to our customers.

We will never produce unless we have demand. We will always produce strictly on an order basis, so that the products are delivered as soon as they are ready for consumption. In this way we offer premium microgreens  on the market and we avoid losses.

The standard package includes 1,000 casseroles with microgreens and is intended to learn to produce, offer free samples in the outlet of the market and satisfy the first orders. As a result 100 casseroles will mean test production, 200 casseroles we will leave samples and 700 will be for the first orders that appeared from the week of the promo. Subsequently, the orders of raw materials will be made according to your market demand.

For this business the probability of not working is almost null. If there is interest from you, and you will closely follow our advice and the steps we reveal, success is guaranteed, as an example are over 150 other successful franchises. Interest will exist on both sides, as a result you will not be alone on this journey. The policy would not allow us to return the equipment precisely because of this, that it is our duty to help you not only to run your business with one equipment, but soon to expand it and buy a second piece of equipment. If your business is successful, then our business is successful because you will consume raw material.

Frequently asked questions about microgreens

First of all, you will have a unique product on the market, thanks to the production techniques. You will have a similar product every week, regardless of the season outside.  That’s the plus of controlled, indoor production. This helps us to obtain microgreen, always, at the same standards of quantity and quality.  Thanks to growth techniques, it will be extremely uniform and will be the same, always. We have a standard in the product, which we maintain at each production: the same height, the same density, the same crunchy, color, etc.  The Hy-Farm microgreen will always be delivered super fresh.  If today it is ready for consumption, it’s also delivered to the customer.

In addition to this, thanks to the quality of raw material and production technology, we will get a product that will last, will remain intact in the kitchen of customers, even 1 week. In addition to these aspects, the production does not use soil, but a biodegradable substrate, which gives them the status of plants without soil.

As for the growth of microgreens, depending on the varieties, they need different production times. But the most sought-after varieties on the market are produced between 6 and 12 days.

Usually, people look for flavors on their plate. As a result, they look for the mixes. Peas, having a neutral taste that suits any menu, radish that is slightly spicy, corn that is sweet, sunflower, beans, mung, and lentils that also hold a specific taste.

microgreens can be used in many combinations and are consumed fresh, without cooking, they are edible plants and flowers. From salads to smoothies to  edible culinary décor, they can be consumed in different culinary combinations, sweet or salty.

There is a very varied range, to be able to satisfy any taste. There are over 30 varieties of micro plants.

More precisely, microgreens are juvenile plants. They are slightly older than germs, but younger than mature greens. microgreens are ready to be harvested when they have developed the roots and the first leaves (cotyledons).

Frequently asked questions about the growth of microgreens

The production of microgreens with a single equipment requires a part-time schedule, a maximum of 20 hours per week.

For production we use nothing but plain water, a bio fertilizer, and a natural disinfectant. We do not use chemicals, pesticides, or other fertilizer types.

It can be produced in any room of 8-10 square meters. The space must be a clean one, in which we can create a controlled environment in terms of temperature and humidity.  It requires a lower humidity which can be achieved with the help of a dehumidifier and a constant temperature which can be provided by an AC system.

There is no need for an alternative light because the system provided by us in the package has its special light for production.

To have them all ready for consumption on the same day, we will sow them on different days. We have designed a sowing program, which is included in the kit and which will help you in this direction. That planting calendar is going to tell you every day what you must sow to complete production on all types of microgreens on the same day.

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