Your own microgreens business

Hy-Farm Microgreens is the only team that can help you achieve financial independence, with a part-time or full-time activity, thanks to a unique, premium product, regardless of the season or weather conditions, with minimal water and energy consumption electric. All you need is a room of at least 8 – 10 m2 in which a temperature of 20 – 22 °C and a relative humidity of 30 – 45% RH can be maintained.

Hy-Farm Microgreens

complete growing system

up to 700 casseroles

rapid growth and low energy consumption

ready-to-use system

can be fitted in any room


Alexandra Munteanu


I recommend the idea offered by Hy-Farm for time and independence, for constant support, for shared experience. I have a new activity, I don't have extensive experience, but I can say that it is the kind of activity that makes you happy because you see how the plants grow, you relate to a pleasant environment, and you have time to take care of yourself.

The microgreens business

The microgreen business is an atypical one. The one who makes the decision to start this business will enjoy a business without rules and without royalties. The steps are simple and anyone can follow them to become an entrepreneur. All you must do is to ask us for all the details so that everything is very well understood, then our team will take care of everything, while you just have to cooperate.

This microgreen business will help you to have a satisfactory and constant profit throughout the year. The amortization of the investment is made in maximum 3 and a half months and the losses are 0! Our business strategy is very well developed, so our collaborators sell to produce, not produce to sell. You can also enjoy a business where it is not mandatory to have employees. You can take care of this part-time, in parallel with another activity.

Another defining aspect of the microgreen franchise is that you will be able to get a unique product for your customers, thanks to our technology and our own way of production. As a result of our research, we have secrets in production to get a unique product. You can benefit from this advantage, in addition to the advanced production technology, and here we mention the automated production system with artificial lighting, ventilation and irrigation.

It is suitable for you if:

Passive income with microgreens

What do you get?

In addition to this declared food and superfood that anyone can enjoy, we have also created a super package, a complete Kit so that anyone can start a business of the future. Our package contains everything necessary for this business. From technology to know-how, those who want to be financially independent and benefit from free time can choose Hy-farm Microgreens business. Thus, he can enjoy a successful business, while helping in sustainability, with the help of these microgreens.

All equipment and accessories (trays and buckets for seed and substrate hydration, seed scale, sprayer, syringes for dosing the fertilization and disinfection solution, shelf for germination and initial growth, sieve, programmable sockets, thermometer/hygrometer) necessary for growth and development the Microgreens business.
4 online workshop (2 for the production process, 1 for the marketing strategy and 1 for the sales funnel)
Digital pack (+1500 euros) - optional
Consultancy for the first 3 months of partnership
Raw material for 1000 casseroles (the casseroles, 100% natural jute fibre substrate, 5 varieties of seeds, fertilizer, packaging for delivery).
Despre noi | Povestea HY-FARM
12 months warranty
Despre noi | Povestea HY-FARM

200 franchises
across EUROPE

Each Hy-Farm Microgreens franchise is more than just a point of sale; it is a community center, where the passion for health and sustainability meets a commitment to excellence. We thank each franchise partner for bringing the Hy-Farm vision to their communities and for contributing to a better world.


HY-FARM Microgreens Package

The HY-FARM MICROGREENS franchise package represents an innovative and sustainable business opportunity, designed for entrepreneurs who want to enter the growing microgreens market.

The automated hydroponic system is an important element of the franchise package, playing a key role in supporting and growing microgreens in the most correct way, so that the final product you will have is of the highest quality. At the same time, it makes the growth process of microgreens more efficient and reduces the physical labor and time you devote to this activity, thus offering you free time to dedicate to other activities or even relaxation. The equipment is made from premium materials, ordered from top suppliers around the world, so that the use of the system and the production process are accessible to anyone.

The equipment includes accessories and materials that help in the growth of microgreens (sprayer, sieve, germination rack, water supply tank, programmable sockets, water pump, fertilizer, growth trays, hoses, distribution system, LEDs, fans, thermo-hygrometer, hydration buckets), as well as raw materials and other useful materials for delivering the final product (5 types of seeds, 1000 substrate units, Hy-Farm delivery boxes, 1000 containers)

The training sessions are perhaps the most valuable component of the franchise package offered. These sessions encompass all the steps and all the information you need to know as a Hy-Farm partner, to ensure that you start off on the right foot in developing this business. The training sessions represent in a word all the ‘Know-How’ that Hy-Farm Microgreens possesses as a result of accumulated experience, ongoing research over time, constant improvements, and last but not least, thanks to the more than 200 international partners who have also contributed through their feedback to the evolution of everything offered in the Hy-Farm concept at the present time.

Our partner training’s consists of learning all the stages fundamental to the progress of the business, from the production of microgreens to the sales process and creating your own marketing. For these learning sessions, you have the opportunity to have unlimited access to a learning platform, where any partner can continuously prepare to be a professional microgreens producer.

Because the process of becoming a true microgreens producer requires ‘polishing’, the franchise package includes a period of consultancy aimed at perfecting each of the training stages. During the three months of consultancy, you have the opportunity to constantly communicate with the Hy-Farm team for real and concise feedback, which can lead to faster and more correct business development and at the same time succeed in recovering your investment as quickly as possible. To ensure the best progress, partners are consistently asked for images of their production, feedback following the sales process, and they are also given various tips and strategies that match the direction the business is heading.

For the elements of the production system as well as for the accessories that make up the physical package, a warranty is offered for a period of 12 months, during which any defect that occurs in the products you receive will be replaced by Hy-Farm Microgreens. This warranty constitutes the legal term in accordance with the law. However, from the experiences with over 200 partners, the components of the physical franchise package have not shown defects or other problems either before or after the legal warranty period, which confirms the quality of the materials used. Nevertheless, in the event that you encounter such a problem, you are assured of the replacement of the defective element.

Extra services represent one of the advantages that HY-FARM has over other competitors. We are continuously developing and constantly working to help our partners have a successful business. That’s why you can access any of the extra services we offer so that you can practice this business in the best and most correct way possible.

* 0% royalties at franchise purchase

Hy-Farm Partners

We are by your side!

Once the microgreen growing system is purchased, our team will offer you everything from A to Z so that your dream becomes a reality, and you have real success in the world of entrepreneurs.

With Hy-Farm you can sell microgreens to produce even more microgreens

The microgreens growing system has a low water consumption, 95% less than conventional production, and the energy consumption is optimal.

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