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What are microgreens, how they appeared, how are they used, why are they so sought after.

Microgreens first appeared in the 80s, then after long research, after 2012 they began to appear slightly on the market. In recent years, microgreens are an increasingly sought-after product due to the high intake of nutrients and antioxidants. Small plants can be used in various ways: as edible flowers with the role of culinary decoration for decorating plates, they can be used in the preparation of diversified menus and even smoothies can be prepared from these edible plants.

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A healthy lifestyle

Microgreens = Superfood

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Harvesting microgreens involves a very simple process. Due to the fact that we want to eliminate as much as possible plastic and other materials that pollute the environment, we have chosen to pack them only in a cardboard box which can be delivered to the final customer. They will be transported alive, exactly in the casseroles in which they were produced. Thus, microgreens should not be cut and packed in sealed casseroles or plastic bags. This simple process favours the fresh storage of the product for a longer time by the final customer.

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Health benefits

Used as such, microgreens have been distinguished over time by the benefits they can bring to the body. These include both the significant intake of nutrients and the significant quantity of antioxidants. These two have an elementary role for the proper development of the processes of the human body. It should be emphasized that, offshoot, hold much larger amounts of vitamins and minerals in comparison with the mature version of the plant.

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There is a very wide range of microgreens, but only a few of them end up being the most in-demand on the market, both by restaurants and by individual consumers. Among the most sought-after varieties are peas, sunflower, radish, mung beans, etc

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Microgreens in general

Microgreens also known as microgreens are offshoots of young plants, developed after the first stage, namely, germination. Since the appearance of the first cotyledons and leaves, plants can be declared ready for consumption depending on the type.

Vertical indoor culture has some benefits


Increased quality

Inncreasing the quantity and quality of products;



Early harvest, the plants ripen up to 30% faster in contrast to traditional culture;



Rapid growth. Microgreens grow 30% faster than the tranditional plants.


Hydroponic system

Hydroponic crops are not influenced by weather conditions and can be grown in several cycles, during the whole year, regardless of the season and the outside weather.



In hydroponic greenhouses, plants' health is controlled by continuous monitoring of crop parameters, which can be permanently and automatically monitored, depending on the crop for each species, reducing the need for workers.



In hydroponic greenhouses, a large amount of water and nutrients is saved, used in traditional crops by irrigation, and water losses through evaporation and drainage are reduced, the solutions used to be recirculated and reused for a longer time.

Afacerea cu microplante all-in-one

Microplantele sunt cerute de întregul public. Nu putem spune că avem un grup țintă exact, deoarece pot fi consumate de oricine, în orice meniu. Este adevărat însă că, în momentul de față, consumul cel mai mare se află în HoReCa.

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