Microgreens – The Secret of Modern Cuisine

Microgreens, these vibrant and lively little plants, are no longer just an aesthetic “bonus” for culinary dishes. From the shadow of gourmet platters to the forefront of nutritional interest, microplants have made their way into the hearts and plates of many people. In this article, we will explore the rise of the microgreens phenomenon, unveil an interesting fact about them, and focus on the significant contribution of Hy-Farm in this industry.

The Rise in Popularity of Microgreens

What began as a novelty in the menus of elite restaurants has transformed into a global trend. Restaurants, from those with Michelin stars to fast-casual ones, have started to adopt microgreens as essential ingredients. Consumers have been fascinated not only by their appearance but also by their rich nutritional profile. These tiny plants are endowed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, in a concentration higher than their mature counterparts.

Did You Know?

Are you ready for a fascinating fact about microgreens that you probably didn’t know? Some microgreens have bioactive properties that can help neutralize toxins in the body. This means that, in addition to their nutritional benefits, microgreens can also be a crucial ally in detoxifying the body. Surprising, isn’t it?

The Footprint of Hy-Farm

In the microplants landscape, Hy-Farm is not just a player but a true innovator and leader. With its microgreens present in over 2,000 restaurants, Hy-Farm has managed to turn this trend into a mass phenomenon. From the superior quality of their products to innovative cultivation methods, Hy-Farm has laid the foundation for microplants to become not just a fad but a tradition in gastronomy.


Microplants have come a long way from simple ornaments to nutritional powerhouses. With intriguing facts coming to light and pioneers like Hy-Farm supporting this industry, we can say with certainty that microgreens are much more than meets the eye. They are a combination of beauty, taste, and health, ready to surprise and delight our taste buds further.

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