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Hy-Farm Microgreens
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Hy-Farm Microgreens offers a range of products and services specially designed for the production and sale of microgreens, enabling the business development of producers.

Automated Hydroponic System

Price: 5.355€ (VAT included)

The automated hydroponic system is an important component of the franchise package, primarily designed to support and grow microgreens in the most appropriate way, so that the final product you receive is of the highest quality.


Price: 595€/ mounth (VAT included)

You have the opportunity to constantly communicate with the Hy-Farm team for real and concise feedback, which can lead to a faster and more accurate development of the business and also to manage a recovery of the investment in the shortest time.

Training sessions

Price: 3.000€ (VAT included)

Perhaps the most valuable component of the franchise package offered, the training sessions encompass all the steps and all the information you need to know as a Hy-Farm partner, to ensure that you are on the right path in developing this business.

Digital package

Price: 1.785€ (VAT included)

Having an online presence is an advantage that any business should leverage. Through the digital package, we will create a public image for you that will primarily help you increase your client portfolio, and then you can influence the wider public by educating them.

Transport equipment

Price: 500€ - 1500€ (VAT included)

For the delivery of the physical package, transport is arranged with a specialized delivery company because the products will be transported on a pallet. Generally, the price for this type of transport is around 500 - 1500€.

Hy-Farm app

Price: 59,5€/year (VAT included)

This application is a major upgrade for our partners, enabling them to grow microgreens in the most correct manner, ensuring that no step is missed in both the production and delivery process, and at the same time, it provides enormous support for logistical organization.

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