The benefits of microgreens

The century in which we live is one that is increasingly alert and increasingly agitated from certain points of view.

Being caught up in all this nebula, we need to find a balance to create a state of well-being. A significant contribution is made by the balanced diet that we should ensure ourselves on a daily basis.

A healthy lifestyle in the fast-forward era

The interest in a healthy lifestyle is increasing day by day. Many people end up reorienting themselves from a culinary point of view and consuming products that are as natural as possible, which allows them a varied and at the same time tasty menu. A successful choice that covers all needs, both culinary and nutritional perfection, can be represented by microgreens. They are plants that have an extraordinary impact on health.

Microgreens = Superfood

Cataloged by chefs as a superfood, microplants are the youngest version of the plant grown from seed and developed until the first cotyledons appear, which in time could reach the mature version. Harvesting performed in a relatively short time (about 7-21 days after the beginning of the germination process) means that all the nutrients we need are stored.

Microgreens – The small plants of the future

These tiny plants are also called plants of the future because of the constituents necessary for the human body. A healthy nutrition definitely brings with it an exceptional state of well-being and mood. Another plus guaranteed by microgreens is the provision of all beneficial substances; starting from vitamins (vitamin C found in broccoli, lentils, peas, chickpeas, watercress, etc.; vitamin D and vitamin B- from sunflower and vitamin K- from mustard) and minerals (Fe, Zn, Mg – found in sunflower , mung beans, basil and watercress) to fiber and protein. All these components are highly sought after especially among athletes and not only, as their lifestyle is extremely demanding. In addition to these attributes, we can also add the antioxidant character that some varieties have. Quantitatively, their consumption incorporates from 4 to 40 times more concentration of nutrients than the mature vegetable that we would normally use in our daily life.

Microgreens – Health benefits

Thanks to the scientists who have devoted years to researching micro-herbs, it has been found that in some cases they can have miraculous health benefits. The regular consumption of vegetable products of this kind has the ability:

  • to significantly reduce the risk of diseases that can occur at the heart level (hypertension and hypotension)
  • to reduce the probability of installation or manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease (if it has already been installed and is manifested by the appearance of the first symptoms).
  • preservation of the external skin tissue in perfect condition.

Antioxidants found in microgreens

Another example refers to the importance of antioxidants present in the micro-plants of wheat grass, beetroot, red cabbage and collard greens, which can keep diabetes under control by reducing stress, which subsequently facilitates the increase in blood glucose and blood sugar levels going off the charts.

In addition to these, the regular introduction of the consumption of microgreens in the diets recommended by nutritionists can contribute substantially to weight loss or to reducing the risk of obesity.

Therefore, the benefits due to the use of micro-herbs can be numerous, especially in terms of internal health, not just external health. The advantages of consuming micro-plants are thus emphasized by:

  • Varied and amazing aromas
  • A high content of beneficial substances for the favourable development of the body
  • The ability to naturally supplement nutritional deficiencies
  • Reducing and combating the occurrence of certain diseases
  • Maintaining a healthy skin complexion and appearance.

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